SENSAGRI transfer of Living lab process : Castilla y Leon Paying Agency (ES)

Transfer of Living Lab process

Introduction to Service Living lab process : workshop at Castilla y Leon (CYL) Paying Agency.

Service Living Lab is deployed to CYL targets the SENSAGRI project objective : Collect User requirements about the use of Earth Observation product (like SENSAGRI).
To achieve this, the perspective of living lab process is envisioned on CYL context and a workshop is setup to introduce Living lab steps and methods to generate User requirements from user needs in their context of Paying agency activities.
The participants invited are the LPIS Team, the regional DGCAP team and the Itacyl team. LPIS and Itacyl supports technically the regional CAP team to monitors, checks fund application of farmers and delivers funding.

I – Understand and Explore

Identify CYL tasks, needs, wish, fear : we provide a blank template of E2L first understanding of the Paying agency system, in itenraction with farmers end-users and European CAP services. We ask participants to criticize it by providing details and nuances, difficulties, and first ideas for improving their activities.

II.1 – Brainstorm ideas

II.2 – Rapid prototyp ideas

Presentation of rapid prototypes
Idea of Service improvment ideas of Paying Agency activity :
Paying agency supports Smart Farming with open data.

Idea of Service improvment ideas of Paying Agency activity :
Improve Control process

III – Collect user requirements

From Prototypes and Itacyl experiences, User requirements has been collected and situated into the Paying Agency services. IT will be translated in technical aspects and harmonized for final User requirements deliverables.